Frequently Asked Question’s

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Eat-Go is an online Food Outlet Directory developed by a Local Business for Local Businesses.

Our concept is not new, but our intentions are purely Philanthropic, we want to use our skills to help as many Local Food Outlets as possible get online and take advantage of online takeaway ordering!

1) Sign Up here.

2) Login and update your business details and to add your menu(s).

3) Share the link to your listing.

Nothing, Nadda, Zilch!

We are doing this to support those local food businesses that may not be Tech Savvy or have the budget to join one of the nationwide online food ordering services.

We do offer paid premium listings that come with blended social media ad campaigns but you can access all our features within the free package.

How Do I Setup My Business Listing?

Login using the Username that you chose during signup and the password that was emailed to you shortly after (check your Spam/Junk).

If you haven't created your account yet, click on Register Business.


Step 1
Edit your business details.

Make sure that you fill in one page at a time then scroll all the way to the bottom to click on any Button that says Save or Update.

You must also click on each of the circles at the top of the page to go through to Location/Map and your Opening Times.

Step 2

Setup Your Menu Categories, for example; Pizza/Pasta/Calzone or Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner or Burger/Kebab/Sandwiches.

Depending on the complexity of your menu, yoi can can drag/drop menu categories into sub-categories.

Step 3
Be sure to follow all 4 steps!Step 3A
Add your Menu Items.
Step 4
Be Sure To Follow All 4 Steps!
Step 4
Add more menu items :)


Once a customer has placed their Order, you will receive an email and the order will appear in your dashboard area.
Order 1
When Looking at your order Panel, click the + icon to open the additional detail for the order of interest. You can then accept or update the order status by selecting one of the options from the dropdown box (highlighted Green in the image).

Order 2

100% - Click on the + icon by the order of interest, Click on the Red Button marked Receipt, Select the Kitchen Printer (or printer of choice) and away the order goes!



At this time to protect you from transaction charges, we are acting purely in an introductory capacity therefore all payments are between you and your customer. We do have the means to act as an intermediary and offer adaptive payments but again we are seeking to keep our service free.

We're Not Quite Ready For Consumer Orders!

Thank you for visiting! Please note that we are not currently processing consumer orders but we are close! We are however open for business registration, which is FREE!